Chasing Trane Coming to Coolidge Corner Theatre

Chasing Trane Poster
Chasing Trane Poster

CHASING TRANE: THE JOHN COLTRANE DOCUMENTARY is coming to Boston to Coolidge Corner Theatre on May 5th, 2017. is a thought-provoking, uplifting, powerful and passionate film about an outside-the-box thinker whose boundary-shattering music continues to impact and influence people around the world.

A music titan gets his cinematic due in Chasing Trane,a comprehensive, engrossing and, it’s tempting to say, worshipful account of the life of John Coltrane, the alto sax player and composer most aficionados would agree deserves a spot on the jazz equivalent of Mount Rushmore. – Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

Chasing Trane Poster, art work by Rudy Gutierrez
Chasing Trane Poster, art work by Rudy Gutierrez

This rich, textured and compelling portrait of a remarkable artist reveals the critical events, passions, experiences and challenges that shaped the life of John Coltrane and his revolutionary sounds. It is a story of demons and darkness, of persistence and redemption. But, above all else, it is the incredible journey of a spiritual warrior who found himself, found God, and in the process, created an extraordinary body of work that transcends all barriers of race, religion, age and geography. It is a film for anyone who appreciates the power of music to entertain, inspire and transform.

The beauty, poignancy, energy, pain, joy and inspiration heard in nearly 50 Coltrane recordings from throughout his career brings alive the artist and the times in which he lived. Even those familiar with his music will be able to hear and appreciate the music of John Coltrane in a new and exciting way.

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I went to the Chasing the Trane filming screening this past weekend in New York City at the IFC Center and met with both the film director John Scheinfeld and  Dr. Cornel West. There was a Q&A after the film.

“Indeed, Coltrane’s music was the spiritual expression of who he was. This film confirms it.”- Dwight Brown,

“What emerges in this film is not just a great artist but also a noble soul that constantly sought to be gentle. The fact that someone as wholly beautiful as John Coltrane once walked this earth is enough to make you maintain some kind of faith in humanity itself.”- Glenn Kenny, 

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