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JCMC_Concert 2014, photo by Bruce T. Hamilton.

Coltrane’s A Love Supreme Still Matters by WBUR’s Amelia Mason

It happens just after the six-minute mark on John Coltrane’s seminal jazz album “A Love Supreme.” Coltrane finishes a long solo, fading out with hushed puffs; then comes a sturdy piano chord like a sharp intake of breath, and the saxophone player aims his voice

John Coltrane photo from photos of the A Love Supreme session, by Chuck Stewart.

Reflections on John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme

As this year’s Friends of John Coltrane Memorial Concert draws near, it is prudent to examine the piece that will be played. “A Love Supreme” is often called one of the greatest jazz albums of all time, and with good reason. The album showcases not

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1983 The 6th Annual Friends of John Coltrane Memorial Concert

The 6th Annual Friends of John Coltrane Memorial Concert at Emmanuel Church on December 9, 1983 Concert Ensemble: Leonard Brown Ira Coleman Sa Davis Debbie Grimsley Syd Smart Stan Strickland Frank Wilkins Repertoire: Some Other Blues Naima Tunji Blues Minor Like Sonny Impressions Crescent Welcome