2011 The 34th John Coltrane Memorial Concert Coltrane’s Ashé III

The Department of African American Studies at Northeastern University Presents: Coltrane’s Ashé III Legacy Spirit Life

For its 34th anniversary, John Coltrane Memorial Concert is presenting John Coltrane’s music in contemporary interpretations illustrating influences from Afro-Caribbean music cultures. This is the world’s oldest annual performance tribute to the musical and spiritual legacy of the great master.Eric Jackson of WGBH will the evening’s host.

Coltrane’s Ashé III at Blackman Theatre, Northeastern University. Honoring José Massó (“Con Salsa” on WBUR) and hosted by Eric Jackson of WGBH.

For its 34th anniversary, John Coltrane Memorial Concert is presenting John Coltrane’s music in contemporary interpretations illustrating influences from Afro-Caribbean music cultures.  This year’s concert will honor José Massó, host of “Con Salsa” on WBUR, who is celebrating his 36th year of presenting the best of Afro-Latin music and will feature the John Coltrane Memorial Ensemble, an outstanding lineup of 14 prominent Boston-based musicians, many of whom have been the core of the John Coltrane Memorial Concert over its 34 year legacy: Carl Atkins, Leonard Brown, Jeff Galindo, Tim Ingles, John Lockwood, Ricardo Monzon, David Neves, Jason Palmer, Bill Pierce, Ron Savage, Syd Smart, Joel Larue Smith, Stan Strickland, and Gary Valente.

Leonard Brown, Emmett G. Price, III

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