2007 The 30th Anniversary Celebration FJCMC with Ravi Coltrane

30th Anniversary Celebration

Blackman Theatre, Northeastern University

Hosted by Steve Schwartz
of WGBH’s “Jazz From Studio Four”
Friday, September 21

Hosted by Eric Jackson
of WGBH’s “Eric in the Evening”
Saturday, September 22

2007 John Coltrane Memorial Ensemble:
Carl Atkins, baritone and alto saxophones and bass clarinet
Leonard Brown, tenor and soprano saxophones
Armsted Christian, vocals
Sa Davis, percussion
Keith Gibson, drums
Tim Ingles, electric bass
John Lockwood, acoustic bass
Bill Lowe, bass trombone and tuba
Cecil McBee, acoustic bass
Lawrence McClellan, trombone
Jason Palmer, trumpet
Michael Peipman, trumpet
Rollins Ross, keyboards
George W. Russell, Jr., keyboards
Syd Smart, percussion
Stan Strickland, tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, and flute
Bill Thompson, alto saxophone and flute
Gary Valente, trombone
Frank Wilkins, keyboard

The Bill Pierce Quartet with special guest Mulgrew Miller
Bill Pierce, saxophones
Mulgrew Miller, piano
John Lockwood, bass
Ralph Peterson, drums

Amiri Baraka
Reflections on Trane

Ravi Coltrane Quartet
Ravi Coltrane, saxophones
Luis Perdono, piano
Massimo Biolcati, bass
E.J. Strickland, drums

Leonard Brown, Emmett G. Price, III

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